Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kannada Kamadhenu, Karnataka Kalpvriksha...

Thus leaving Karnataka for a few years. Sure that I will be roaming around the outskirts of this beautiful state. For me the most travelled state in India, perhaps more than my home state of Kerala. Yes, I have travelled from Bijapur in the North to Chamarajnagar in the South, Kolar in the East to Gokarna in the West over the last 7 years. The fertile plains of Raichur, arid, miners paradise of Bellary, jungles of Nagarahole, Bandipur, Kudremukh, the salubrious hills of Chikmagalur, Coorg, sexy seashores of Mangalore, Gokarna, breath taking water falls of Jog, Lushington and Shivanasamudra. I experienced the hustles and bustles of an urban city and also the hues and cries of the rural villages in here. I learnt how an MNC works and also what an NGO does in here. I came to know what is COBOL and Java as well as how eye catchy Jowar, Ragi, Sunflower farms can be. I won't say 'Kannada gothilla' now and its script is never broken Jalebi pieces. These Jalebi pieces have given the state the maximum number of Jnanpith awardees in India. Rivers Cauvery and Tungabhadra, their ecological and cultural sentiments are now mine too. Tipu, Hyder Ali, Adil Shah, kingdoms of Vijayanagara, Hoysala, have left behind some amazing architectural beauties. Jains, the Coorgis and the Tibetans have added the flavour to this state with their uniqueness. Karnataka is not about Bangalore alone but much much more than that. Rightfully acknowledged as "One State, Many Worlds".

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