Saturday, August 3, 2013

An appointment with a Doctor

Met Dr. Binayak Sen once again today, in the campus (Previously had met him when he came for the screening of Sanjay Kak's Red Ant Dream). This time around he had came in here to see some faculty. Greeted him and we had a 10 minute talk.

He asked me which course I am into, also asked who all are teaching. Later on mentioning about the place where, I am from he was vocal about the Toll protest in Thrissur-Chalakudy highway and also the recent Kathikudam protest, where he had been 2 years back, before the current protests. He said, he is interested to have a talk with the Water Policy guys about the issues with water subsidies and dams in North East India. He asked my mail id and phone number. Amused by my mail id, he asked me what is "mizhaavu". I asked back whether he knows about Koodiyattam and that it is a drum used in it. So he asked whether it is similar to Chenda, for which I answered as Yes... Lastly when I said I had met him in Bangalore last year, he asked where I was working in and whether I was not happy with my software job, for which I said that only money speaks in there and that I wanted a career change which suits my interests.

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