Saturday, August 10, 2013

Adieu 09886546454... Welcome 09619435984...

It is always sentimental to part with something, that gets associated with us particularly when it had been so close to you for years. Dear 09886546454, you have brought me happiness, sadness, provided me opportunities, timely notifications and irritating promotions for the last 6 years or so. But as it is with any other materialistic phenomenon, time has come to part with you. You had been one of my identities and I had tried hard to make you my lifelong partner, but Govt of India ditched you and me, by not coming up with Nationwide Mobile Number Portability, though Kapil Sibal had promised to do it by early this year. 

Thank you for serving me, till date and for being a virtual friend of mine. I will surely miss you as you were very glamorous and were very easy to remember. Also as I, along with the callers will take quite some time to get adjusted with your successor 09619435984, which doesn't have the 'order of numbers' which you have had, we will surely miss you dearly at least for the next few days if not months.

Adieu 09886546454... welcome 09619435984. Family, friends, enemies, promoters all please note.... 

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