Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jhini re jhini re...

This was a song I heard while watching the Anwar Jamal picture "Swaraj-The Little republic" some 2 years ago at the Film festival on Water in Bangalore. Came to know that it is from the album "Indian Ocean". Further research revealed that the lyrics wrote by Saint Kabir Das about life, as a finely woven cloth. The lyrics describes that man should try to keep the cloth clean and be given back to God untorn and clean. The folkish touch accompanied by guitar and percussion makes the memorable lyrics flow...

झीनी रे झीनी रे झीनी चदरिया, झीनी रे झीनी रे झीनी चदरिया
के राम नाम रस भीनी चदरिया, झीनी रे झीनी रे झीनी चदरिया
अष्ट कमल दल चरखा डोले, पांच तत्व, गुण तीनि चदरिया
साइँ को सियत मास दस लागे, ठोंक-ठोंक के बीनी चदरिया
सो चादर सुर नर मुनि ओढ़ी, ओढ़ी के मैली कीनी चदरिया
दास कबीर जतन सो ओढ़ी, ज्यों की त्यों धर दीन चदरिया

This is fine, this is fine cloth.
It is been dipped in the name of the lord
The spinning wheel, like an eight-petal lotus, spins,
with five tatvas and three gunas as the pattern.
Lord stiched it in 10 months (the gestation period)
The threads have been pressed to get a tight weave.
It has been worn by gods, people, and sages
they soiled it with use.
Kabir says, I have covered my self with this cloth with great care,
and eventually will leave it like it was.

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