Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The class got over early today and as a result was returning back to Malad before the rush hours begin. As a result could see the spacious interiors of the train and also got the rare opportunity to rest my weight on my buttocks in the train seats(I travel in 3 trains, remember). After a smooth ride from Govandi to Kurla and Kurla to Dadar, I took the third train to Malad. It was a Virar Fast and got a seat in spite of a crowd, thanks to an empty train. The train left Bandra and Andheri and the un-embodied lady voice in the speaker said "Poodil station Borivali". Borivali station comes two stations after the Malad station. Being a fast train, this train was not going to stop at Malad, just for my sake. Cursing myself for not getting down at Andheri to get another slow train, I hoped that TTE(have not seen him in local trains till date) wont find me in Borivali. Soon after the train left Andheri, suddenly there was a blast. People standing near the door as well as few sitting panicked and started to run towards the other side saying "BOMB". I too thought something has went wrong, though didn't get up from my precious seat(chathalum vidilla(wont give the seat, even if dead) :-)). Soon there was an alcoholic smell all around. :-) Somebody was carrying a Beer bottle and it had broke due to pressure. Everyone started to laugh around realizing this and one mockingly said this is not allowed in train and we should call 1311(RPF number). Soon there were discussions and comedies regarding the same.

Passenger 1(a middle aged man): Arey, mein tho socha bomb phat gaya?
Passenger 2(another middle aged): Haan bhai, mein bhi tho dar gaya thaa.
Passenger 3(an old man drenched one side with beer): yadhi bomb hua ho tho mera sar phat gaya hotha.
Passenger 1: aap hee nahin sabhi ke sar phat gaya hotha.
Passenger 1 to Passenger 4(the one with a broken beer bottle and seemingly broken heart): RPF ko phone laga dhoom? Beer train pe laana mana hein. Patha hein naa.
Passenger 4:
Passenger 2: Chalne dho yaar.
Passenger 1 to Passenger 3(the old man): Aapse, beer ki badhbhu aa rahi hein, aapki biwi aaj daandegi aapko.
All passengers including me

Soon Jogeshwari, Goregaon, Malad and Kandivali stations pass through, and people including me started to move towards the door to get down at Borivali. The whole place was full of Beer and there was an intoxicating smell all around.

Passenger 5: Arey kissi police ya TTE aaye tho kya bolenge?
Passenger 2: Bol denge ki dharu ka bhaarish aaya thaa...

Everyone including me laughed once again and all got down at Borivali... :-)

Thank God I am alive. After all laughter improves longevity of life :-)

Escaped from the TTE(if there is any) at Borivali station and took another train back to Malad.

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