Sunday, December 16, 2012

Killing pain and many others.

Just saw the advertisement which glorifies "Diclofenac in Iodex"... Diclofenac is an ingredient which is proven to reduce pain and stiffness and is used in pain relievers Volini(thanks to Venkatesh Balakrishnan for this info) also uses this chemical... But it has been also proved as something which affects human health and more sadly over last few decades have been the main reason for the reductio
n in vulture population(99 % reduction over last few decades :-( ) in India as they consumed diclofenac applied cattle carcasses & remains...

Human use of diclofenac also has its effects though not properly studied...

See some links and relate it and decide whether to use it or not:

Iodex website:


Diclofenac effect on vultures:

"Decline of vultures in Asia over last few decades is the fastest decline ever reported for a bird specie, faster than the dodo, which is now extinct."

Horrifying Gyaan from the documentary: Vanishing Vultures, Mike Pandey's documentary over 30 years on disappearance of vultures:

How religious customs change when a specie goes endangered: 

In the several decades of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century the population of birds of prey on the Indian subcontinent declined, by 99.9% as of 2008, primarily due to diclofe
nac poisoning of the birds following the introduction of that drug for livestock in the 1990s[5], until banned for cattle by the Indian government in 2006. The few surviving birds are often unable to fully consume the bodies.[6] Parsi communities in India are currently evaluating captive breeding of vultures and the use of "solar concentrators" (which are essentially large mirrors) to accelerate decomposition.[7] Some have been forced to resort to burial, as the solar collectors work only in clear weather. Vultures formerly disposed of a body in minutes, and no other method has proved fully effective.

Info from Sadasivan Suryanarayanan - 

Sridhar.....Namaskaram...the 'Information' which I came to know from TOI....for Parsis...there is 'Tower' where 'dead' body is kept for 'vultures'..but while feeding on the 'Dead' the 'vultures' number is dwindled
 due to 'poisonous' things in the 'bones' of the Dead' consumed by the 'vultures'..the 'poisonous' item is 'Analgins' like 'crocin'...'Anacin'..etc consumed by the most of the 'parsis' which is 'alive' in the 'bodies' of the dead...when the birds like 'vultures' consumes unknowingly the 'Analgin' plays havoc ..once it is 'consumed' its get 'embed' to 'bones'..that's why please 'stop' consuming 'Analgin' of any gives only 'temporary' relief..this 'news' I got from the Times of India..

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